About Us

Bob Goodrich - Bear Bottom MiningWe first started building the original Grizzly Sluice in 1979. It was a narrow blow torched pine sluice box with lots of nails. We traveled to Twin Falls, Idaho to field test the Grizzly Sluice, because we knew that the Snake River held the finest, purest gold in the world. What better test for a sluice box than to see at what percentage it would retrieve this fine gold from the banks of the river. We did not want to manufacture and sell a product that would not live up to our expectations. We participated in the Utah State Fair in 1980, where we sold $10,000.00 worth of boxes in 10 days and also won first place for best outside booth.

We exhausted a box, into a box, into another box. We mined material taken from a 100 year old Chinese dig. The Chinese workers would tunnel into and under very large boulders. The tunnels would go back into the hillside about 20 or 30 feet. After doing a cleanup of the third box to test slippage, there was none. We checked the second box, we found one micro spec of slippage in approximately 1 yard of dirt run through the Grizzly Sluice. Needless to say we were very happy campers! We would brush and scrape the fine river sand out between the large boulders. Out of that five gallon bucket of dirt that you could process in about two minutes, you would get about a penny weight of gold. The gold just glistened in the sunlight. The gold we were getting was collectors gold. It was .999 fine, so any coin shop that bought gold would give us 100% spot for this particular gold. There were no impurities! This helped pay for several of our camping trips with the kids.

Any gold found by our kids panning or sluicing with the Grizzly Sluice they got to keep. It took the place of a summer job for our kids. When we went to Montana panning with the kids, they went nuts over the stones that the Grizzly Sluice would capture for them.

Not only could our kids make good money on the gold the Grizzly Sluice was finding for them, but they could make as much or more money on the stones the Grizzly Sluice was saving for them. We have had several stones faceted that were worth anywhere from 25.00 a carat to 100.00 a carat, depending upon the stone being a garnet, ruby, or sapphire. This was a hobby that the whole family could get involved with, and the kids never got bored! What a great babysitter the Grizzly Sluice was on our camping trips.

Later we introduced the Grizzly Sluice II. It was still a wooden sluice box and still had a blow torched finish, but was built wider with a hinged bottom riffle system, electroplated steel, but now using zinc coated screws and a retention material far different than the original burlap, that graced the first Grizzly Sluice. In the past years we have sold hundreds of the Grizzly Sluice II. We have also won first place for best looking booth and product in every gold prospectors show we traveled to, as well as selling out of our boxes in every show that we have participated in.

We have always taken extreme pride in the product that we have built and have never had a customer return any of our boxes in our many years of production.

We are very excited to introduce the new Grizzly Sluice III to the recreational and professional miner. With the availability of the World Wide Web we will have the opportunity to sell the all aluminum Grizzly Sluice III to prospectors around the globe. This box is truly the most portable and efficient sluice box on the market.

This box is truly unique. There is no other sluice box that looks like the Grizzly Sluice III, or works like the Grizzly Sluice III!! A truly remarkable product engineered and built with the highest standards in the industry.